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Work for a day. Barcelona for a week

Providing you read the title of this post you may be asking, Are you crazy?!

Do the math. Let’s say a good wage for a 20 year old is £2k a month. Split between all working days a month that works out to be £100 a day. This is exactly what I paid for my trip to the eastern side of sunny Spain for a whole week flights and accommodation. This totals to a cost of only a minuscule £14 a day to be on holiday.

Going away and having a break from the reality of the daily graft shouldn’t have to break that bank and I’ve always wondered why people think that it does. Now course there is a catch (I’m sorry if it sounded too good to be true!). There are only a couple things you will have to consider; these being, time of year, what airport you will fly in and out of and of course location.

As most of you may know, the school holidays can be hell to go away in. Children everywhere and holiday prices almost quadrupled so the first rule would be to go with a friend, a parent or partner that has flexible work hours. Or even solo travel providing you can get the time off. Then if not find an excuse, tell your boss your goldfish died- I’m sure you can think of something creative. My point is the time frame you choose to go in is a big factor when considering a low price getaway. The weather can be unpredictable, certain parks may be closed but it will be much less hectic. We had visited in the month of May and unfortunately only had about one possible sunbathing day-at a push.

Your local airport may not be the most value for money. Just travelling to the next nearest could save you quite a bit, you’d be surprised. Also you can check on the airport website where sometimes they have the odd deal for flights going out of them. Especially the flight being under 2 hours and a popular European destination you are able fly from most small airports. Making sure you are minimalistic when you pack to avoid paying extra for hold luggage is important.

We stayed in a small town about an hour out of Barcelona called Lloret de Mar. This destination is great for nice evening atmosphere with live guitarists in the street and a range of amazing restaurants. If you are looking to not spend a lot of money, here is the perfect place to chill on the beach or your hotel pool (If yours doesn't have one, many hotels will offer one time use for a small fee). About 2 hours drive out there is one of the highest ranked theme parks in Europe called Port Aventura this can be a lot of fun if you have youngers with you or even if you are just big kids at heart like us. Most resorts will offer direct transport on top of the tickets in local excursion shops or alternatively you can book online and make your own way there at

You must wonder in the city once or maybe a few times in your week to capture the brilliance of Barcelona. Obviously staying outside the city you won’t experience its local life and habits but you get a very close gist of it. The key to a successful one-day stay in the central city is to get your research in before you head in. Highlight your personal must-sees to fit everything within the time you have and to visit at least one of the most important monuments.

The range of beautiful architectural riches resides on the hills of the city located at the famous Park Güell. Before my visit I had always seen it looking like a cute gingerbread village with all the colourful pillars in the pictures and this is why I think the creations are so intriguing. This park is also home to the house of the Gaudi, which is open to the public to view. On display there you can view an array of his work including the Sagrada Família.

The Sagrada Familia isn’t just a religious monument nor do you have to be to appreciate its huge step in architectural history. I can’t stress enough how important it is to buy tickets for this attraction. Tickets can be bought online at No matter the time of year, it is bound to be sold out by the time you get there and the only ones available will be overpriced skip the line tickets. It is the exact mistake we made, but hey ho, I’ll make the mistakes so you guys don’t have to.

If you really want to do it all in one you could go see a classic flamenco show and have a cerveza or two depending what time the last buses leave from the city back because remember we are on a budget! So if that’s the case, bed time for you. Oh wait unless of course you truly want to make this an experience and party until dawn with the local cool cats.

Hasta Luego!

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