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Rome, the City of Sentiment

Dating back billions of years with ancient ruins, detailed churches and temperatures of up to 40 degrees. Romantic Rome is as amazing as ever! Where do I even start?

7 epic days we had ahead of us. Me being me, I am not a big believer in excessive planning, so we set off on our first day to the world-renowned colosseum being a short journey from where we stayed (The Brittana hotel). DO NOT listen to the surrounding tour guides telling you to pay up to 80 euros to skip the queue. Bearing in mind we went in peak time of year and it took no longer than 10 minutes with a 12 euro bill for one adult and one student (bring valid ID to get the discount). Always keep in mind they know you are tourists and will try to rip you off wherever possible- Certainly if you show venerability. I suggest being well rested for this one because I definitely didn't anticipate the amount of walking that would be done. Exhaustion had already hit me and we hadn't even gone around the gardens which I stress is ALL UP HILL. I'll state the obvious, bring plenty of water!

You hear them all around European cities, the infamous ice bars. What are they? Precisely a bar completely made of ice. Not the warmest of environments but definitely a quirk you can say you've been and done. Expect to pay around 15 euros each which includes an insulated body coat for hire and a drink token to exchange inside. So altogether it isn't too bad bearing in mind the drinks were dear alone.

Looking through TripAdvisor we couldn't decide whether to visit the Trevi fountain at day or night, so we just did both! This is something we didn't come to regret because each atmosphere is completely different- trust me. Expect to be barged and asked to take pictures constantly in the day but with beautifully clear scenery of the landmark with the sun beaming on your skin. However at night the fountain is all lit up with more of a calm feel to it. Take it all in, every single moment. This is not one to be missed if you are able to rely appreciate architecture and art.

If you are looking to see some of the Italian agriculture I strongly suggest a trip to Villa Borghese. The lake and surrounding gardens are absolutely breathtaking. With buskers set up playing their guitars it is enough to make you feel content with the world. Just a short tube journey away from central Rome (let me just say they have amazing free wi-fi connection on transit- first I've ever seen).

Although first on your agenda may be to see all the sights, you may be in need of a little relaxation in the city which can be hard to find because- well its a city. After getting advice from locals explaining the beach is to far for one day and hotel pool day prices at an extortionate rate we found a quaint country club called Belle Arti. Open all week round at just a small expense you may sunbathe to your hearts desire. I highly recommend this for a peaceful day free from tourists.

Now here's where you may splash the cash, with every top of the chain brand you could imagine. The full works, including Gucci, Chanel and Sephora (not so up market but definitely a winner for us girls). Found at the bottom of the Spanish steps as seen in many blockbuster movies this is also a perfect picture opportunity.

Be prepared for a full day of walking and overheating when you visit the Vatican. Be prepared for a FULL day of walking when you visit the Vatican City. With so much to see in so little time I highly suggest making a rough plan before venturing out on the long day ahead and wearing some VERY comfortable shoes. Being the smallest country in the world and the capital of christianity you must be respectful and cover as much skin as possible. When you arrive on the tube you with notoriously be greeted by more guides trying to sell you a rip off rate you won't even need. At this point you have two options, head straight to Saint Peters Square then see the Vatican museum after or visa versa. Both have its pros and cons, however we decided to head to the museum first to avoid the lines since we hadn't got a fast track. Funnily enough there was only a 10-minute wait at a push when we were advised it would be up to 3 hours. One you are in, choose a route to follow to make sure that nothing is missed and take your time. Besides the text that isn't for everyone to read, the paint-work of the Sistine chapel is truly spectacular with so much detail your brain can hardly process it all. Coming towards the square you will start to notice the surreal feeling of seeing the same stage and location of the pope on television whether you count yourself religious or not, it honestly is a worldwide phenomenon you can say you've seen. Now for this line to get to the Saint Peters Bastilla you will indeed require a bottle of water to bear standing in the scorching heat. Now once you are in take the stairs to the top unless obviously you medically require the lift. And just pass altogether if you have a slight fear of heights unless you fancy a small heart attack... Now these stairs are a lot to handle but they are the most intricate set of stairs you will find- I'll tell you that for sure! Winding all around the inside of the dome you will have to tilt and crouch to even get anywhere. You will be able to see a full 360 degree view of Rome.

If your looking for a perfect historic retreat, Romantic Rome is definitely the place to come!

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