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What Its Like To Move Abroad Alone

Addiction shouldn't always be spoken as a bad thing. The first thing I ever got addicted to was the comfort of changing my surroundings. When the smallest thing goes down the drain I'm able to jump to the greener grass and start afresh. This was soon to morph into a lifestyle!

Its been whole month and two days since I left my home town and I've never been more happy, however I want to talk about the struggles and thoughts I've faced along the way, incase you ever consider doing it yourself.

Going back to the end of last year I was offered out a place on the beautiful island of Mallorca to be a holiday representative for a really great company and here I am looking down at my feet buried in the sand. Now this is my first REAL time away and a huge jump for me bearing in mind I sometimes struggle to cook an egg properly (besides the fact I have a GCSE in cooking) the unknown is a huge blank void. Not understanding what the hell they are saying when I try practice my basic Spanish, then I get a Spanish reply assuming it's my native language. You feel lonely at the best of times and are forced to get used the cuisine you are so not used to. Miles away from your usual Heinz beans on toast. But comparing is old news. You moved for new experiences, right?

Why not rebuild yourself differently than before, yes there will be times you want to give it all up just to see that one certain person or place but stay strong and understand you are remaking yourself and your life for the good. It will change you and you will be so unconnected from who you were but somehow closer to yourself than ever before. We meet a new part of our being everyday we live and we are designed as the human race to explore, to improve in order to experience happiness at its finest. Without the lessons I’ve learnt through throwing myself in new cultures I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be a smidgen of the person I am today.

For me, the largest jump of moving is doing it all alone. Mental health is key and I strongly suggest working on this pre move as there is NO ONE there to hold your hand, you're doing this solo so be good to yourself. It’s easy peasy to make a friend if put yourself out there so don't be afraid to get on the tinder, network a tad and build friendships, just with a little caution.

No I'm not saying I've made it my forever home because no doubt this 6 month season will fly by in no time I shall be looking for the next pedestal, however I have a good old' feeling about this small town.

Go on. Give it a go yourself and expect the unexpected to happen.

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