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Lapland, A Winter Wonderland

What kind of traveller are you? From snow rangers to epic enthusiasts or a down right self-enlightener, the Artic circle is below the heart of Lapland: and it is definitely worth a visit! Depending on the length of travel there are things to do for all parties and ages.

Open your imagination to the town of Levi- the location I’m lucky enough to be spending two months! So now take a deep breath open up your heart to all the sound, movement and textures around you. Think of opposites, think about changing your perception. A burst of colour in the sky will question your reality. There have been moments myself where I look into the horizon and hardly believe my eyes. Think about the moment just before you experience something that lights a fire inside you. A soul spark is ignited when your mind meets the unexpected. It's the moment where thoughts become crystal clear and you find beauty only visible to you- an interpretation only you can own.

The prices may have put you off already but I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again- do not go through an agent. Independence is the best option to choose your own flights and not tied down to when and where you must go. You can book through local agents pre travel to still get the same experiences and excursions.

Although Levi is not a specific alpine location it is home to the black Salem slope of the Ski World Cup, which I managed to witness early November. A range of difficult slopes, mostly red slopes for the more advanced skiers.

I must say a conman perception is the Northern lights in Finland. Yes you have a chance to see them more than most but do not book the trip solely for this purpose- I’ve been here one month and still not had the pleasure. Keep an eye on the clear sky and non light polluted areas between 5pm and 1am, wrap up warm in the -20° temperature and go search for them because their certainly is no guarantee.

The sight reflecting that picturesque postcard, I take my journey to work with snow up to my knees. Scandinavian pine scent wallows through the air. Simply It feels like going for an everyday walk but walking right into that childhood fairy-tale and the loudest noise is silence... but don't just imagine it experience it. Dare to seek the unexpected encounters. Be aware be present because the moment it happens might surprise you.

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