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How I Live in a Country For Free

Trust me it’s not too good to be true. It’s called being an Au Pair and although some may say it’s not a proper job- it definitely feels it at the worst of times.

I had my first Au Pair experience in Paris is I only ever have good things to say about it. I mean there isn’t much to dislike. Free food, accommodation, transport and sometimes even holidays.

So what is an Au Pair?

It’s someone who comes into a home and basically becomes like a big brother or sister. So yes it’s not only a female job although you will find that most Au Pairs are. You will have daily duties such as taking the children to and from school, cooking dinner and maybe cleaning every now and then. This can vary from family to family, some will expect more and some will expect less. That is why it’s so important to do lots of research to see which lifestyle you fit best into.

The difference between a nanny and an Au pair is that Au Pair work much less hours (22 hours maximum to be exact) and they do not require experience with children. The only requirement being a CRB background check for obvious reasons.

Now if money is the only limit then on this occasion it really is not. Close your eyes and dream of any destination then make it your reality. On matchings websites you will almost find options for every country and sometimes then families will even pay for your flight depending on how long you are willing to commit for.

If you read into it you will see a lot of different opinions about going with agencies or just going through a matching website such as or The good thing about going through an agency is that they do all the background checks for you however it may cost you and the family extra. If you do decide to go without, I highly recommend doing your own research on the family. If they have their own business for example you can look online or even if they’ve had a previous Au Pair you can ask for a reference.

My main tip for choosing a family is to not make a decision straight away. Message a few that take your interest, arrange a phone call interview with them then once you have spoken to them or you can choose who suits your needs most. Although most of the time you will sign a contract, if it doesn’t all go to plan it’s not the end of the world and at the end of the day it’s still your life. If you feel like you aren’t enjoying it once you arrive it is in your right to leave.

A job like this is solely for a cultural experience. Never go into it thinking you will become to next billionaire unless you have prepared a side hustle.

I’ve heard my fair share of host family horror stories and my gosh are some of them horrendous but on the other hand I know friend that have worked for some of the world top clothes designers. So take the leap, do your resource and get stuck into a new culture without worrying about your pockets!

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