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Brilliance of Budapest- A Suggested 3 day itinerary

Budapest being at the top the best short city break lists, it was a must do on mine. Booking it I didn’t really know what to expect. Obviously we all see friends/ influences post them self in front of the famous thermal bath spas but I knew there was so much more I wanted to see and experience. Something in particular I liked about this city was that it’s not cornered to its own backgrounds. There is a clear influence of Romans, Turkish, Austrians, and Soviets which has morphed it into the place it is today.

Day 1-

On your first day i’d definitely suggest heading over to the Buda side while you are fresh faced, bushy eyed and haven’t quite come down with a hangover. There are some amazing picture opportunities on this side- especially while the sun is setting.

You have a busy day ahead so I suggest getting up as early as possible and head down and start the day at Gellért hill and walk up the hill until you reach Saint Ivan's Cave. It is the most aesthetically pleasing church you will ever see. Even if you aren’t into looking around religious monuments, this Catholic Church is a rare find. After you finish, get ready to put your waking boots on with the hike up to the top of Gellért hill to view one of the best views over Budapest. There is a small cafe at the top next to the monument where you can sip on a coffee to take it all in.

When you head further north this is where you will find the complex of medieval monuments such as Matthias Church, Fisherman’s Bastian and the Buda Castle. The fisherman’s Bastian is one of my favourite places with the cool architecture making It literally looks like you are walking through Hogwarts of the wizard world. You are able to go inside of the Buda Castle, however inside is an art museum- nothing really linked to the castles history but if you are into that it can be a interesting visit.

Something that represents the Hungarian tradition is the changing of guard that takes place at the left of the castle at Sándor Palace (home of the Hungarian president). Be sure to be there 10 minutes before each showing as it only lasts a couple of minutes. It is shown 7 days a week from 9am- 5pm every hour. Ensure you double check if you specifically want to see this as it may change since I visited in January 2020.

Day 2-

Now this is the day to treat yourself, relax and let your hair down. You must have heard of the traditional thermal baths! There are so many spotted around the city and the main ones being the Szechenyi, Gellert and Rudas. As these are the most popular they are likely to be extremely busy which for some may ruin the relaxation experience. Some other the smaller thermal baths can be just as fancy, sometimes even cheaper then at the same time you are supporting local, family owned businesses. Most of them consist of various indoor and outdoor pools with saunas/ steam rooms- some even with a whirlpool.

However one of the quirky features at the Szechenyi is the beer spa in which you will find to your left as you walk into the reception. If you wanted to do both, there is a combo ticket available if you pay directly at the beer spa. They place you into a hot bath ether solo or with a partner/friend with minerals made from beer that is said to be amazing for your skin. To top all of this off, you get your personal beers tap for the hour to drink as much as you like during your visit. This can be a great evening activity for some pre drinking before you hit the club later that night.

Once you freshen up get ready to hit the ruin bars down Kazinczy u,1075. Like some bars and clubs there isn’t much of a dress code just obviously no beach wear. The dress style perfectly fits the decor with its wacky graffiti walls and neon lights. Its a super trendy place for all ages to have some drinks. The only downfall about Budapest nights is one drink can set you back a fair bit of cash so let them last as long as possible.

If you plan to party till the sun comes up, Budapest has a great selection of nightclubs around the same area. The best ones supposedly being Doboz, Instant and Otkert.

Day 3-

If you aren’t feeling too rough in the morning the indoor market can give you a real taste of the Hungarian culture of atmosphere. It sells a range of food and clothing items if you fancied taking anything home as a souvenir for yourself or a loved ones. There are many around that are open till about 3pm and the main one being Central Market hall which is the most well know which obviously means it can get very busy.

You will never see a more spectacular government building as the Hungarian Parliament in my opinion. By day it’s a interesting landmark and my night it’s the skyline that frames the city with its array of lights and sparkles in the Danube river reflection. There is a museum you can enter which is open 8am-6pm which can be a perfect thing to mooch around late afternoon before you sail on the river for dinner and/ or drinks. As touristy this may be, it’s an amazing opportunity to see the highlights of the city in a different view. You can pre book the tickets at any tourist information office- do try to book a few days in advance to avoid the tickets being sold out on your preferred day.

With the streets not overly busy like most capital city’s around the world, it is definitely a top tier city. Enjoy and experience the happy medium mix of culture and parties within Europe.

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