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12 Things to do and see in Prague!

Eat a sugary Chimney cake

Now everyone has a sweet tooth on one side of the spectrum or the other. In this city you will sure be tested on your temptation with these tasty treats on every corner. They are like giant doughnuts rolled round to shape into a cone. They are served with ice cream, sauce or simply on its own. These tend to range around the €5 price mark but hey it’s not everyday you find them around.

Experience the nightlife

Now like all capital city’s the atmosphere is a completely different feel past 10pm. It transforms from a medieval city to magical melodies playing in the streets. There are plenty of street performers around to get you in the mood to dance. Get your evening dresses and smart wear on to enter one of the hundreds of nightclubs in Prague. There is a reason why this city has one of the highest visitors for stag and hen do’s. Could be the class or the large sex appeal but whichever it is you are guaranteed a good night.

I visited with my mum and managed to somehow gatecrash the after party of the Miss Czech Republic beauty pageant. We were welcomed with free drinks and canapés all night, how lovely! There are events at clubs most nights and especially the weekends just double check in the morning the online updates wether you have to pre book or not.

Wonder around Old Town Square

This is most likely the pictures you will see online when you look up Prague on google. It’s a large open space with momuments, memorials and restaurants. You are able to get some great photo opportunities if you are a photographer/model, showcasing the architecture in the background. If you are visiting around a national holiday such as Easter or Christmas, the town square will be sure to be bursting with lights a holiday spirit. No wander it’s so popular to not only tourists but locals being the largest Christmas market ton the Czech Republic.

Hit the shops

Hopefully you have enough baggage space to take a couple of nik nacks home with you. As you wonder down the streets there is an abundance of cute boutique shops, not your average tourist shop collection! Many of them are Personalization shops and will even give knitted freebies with your name on- how cute! Depending on your price range there is higher price ranged shops like most city’s such as Jimmy choo, Gucci and Valentino just 10 minute walk from old town square.

Taste the local Czech food

Popular Czech dishes include are stews, sausages, dumplings, and the famous guláš (goulash). This is very similar to the Hungarian cuisine. Now if you are a veggie, one of my personal favorites in the cheese dish in which it is Smažený sýr. This sounds complex but it is simply a block of deep fried cheese often severed with fries. Because fish and chips are so last year!

90% of the restaurants around are traditional food but a top travel tip of mine is to always check trip advisor for the ratings. Who wants to be paying out of a meal that isn’t the best quality it can be. A rule to go by is stay away from very busy tourism spots where it will most likely be over priced. Some of our most delicious meals were down empty side streets.

View one of the many Art gallery’s

Now you wouldn’t think this is one for the kids but a super cool exhibition is the largest gallery of steel figures. This is going to bring out the boyish side of anyone when viewing transformers and life size cars, some in which has featured in blockbuster movies. For a more classical art scene you have the Národní galerie Praha – palác Kinských. Here is held some of the finest art pieces from the greatest artists of time. The great thing about this is it’s forever changing around with new and interesting pop up shows so you will never are the same thing if we were to revisit. At my visit I was lucky enough to see the showcase of Mucha’s work, they also had Dahli and Andy Warhol.

Art is all around this beautiful city, even in the infer structure and architecture. The dancing house is actually a hotel but it can be an amazing photo opportunity.

Check the time at the Astronomical clock

This is a very exquisite monument which is located just on the corner of old town square. The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock that is still standing right now. It works just like an traditional clock where it’s rings and the little bird pops out and coo-coos (in this case a large bird). This happens at 6pm every evening however it’s is extremely busy and you will struggle to even get close enough to see it. Your options are to get there super early around-2 hours then wait it out, or as uninspiring as it sounds give it a miss and watch it on YouTube.

Drink a beer at a quirky restraunt

Prague is home to some super aesthetic cafes and bars. Of course on my visit I had to go to the one that had the same name as me- the Chloe café. The menu presents a range of drinks from cotton candy cocktails to colour full breakfast bowls and to top the experience off you are sat in front of a huge artificial rose wall to snap some cheeky Instagrams.

Another bar I thought was a brilliant concept is the Výtopna Railway Restaurant. We had heard about this through friends blog where when searched on how maps it was almost impossible to find. It would take us outside a Burger King which left us very confused. The restaurant is on the second floor so simply look out for the sign up high and go in between Burger King to find the stairway up on your left hand side.

Walk over Charles bridge

Charles bridge sets the city apart to the ‘posh’ side. It’s such a lovely stroll along here with many religious setups and monuments. Until I visited I never knew how old it actually was and astounded by how well it’s kept- obviously with some refurbishments. It was built in 1357 and it wasn’t till the mid 1900’s that the made it pedestrian only due to the steep rise in traffic. It’s great to experiment the atmosphere at both day and night is we did and view the Prague skyline. However daytimes can be extremely crowded and a prime location for pick pockets and many people have been known to get caught out here. Always have a second eye on your belongings but don’t let it put you off of this beautiful monument.

Entertain the kids (Or yourself) at Prague Zoo

I’d usually say avoid zoos because to be honest they are in every country, even our hometowns so why travel to see something you could see at home. But if it gets to the end of your week and you are stuck for ideas it could be something the kids enjoy as a last day out on holiday. Another thing that is different at Prague zoo is that they have an elephant valley which you don’t see very often, especially in the UK.

Go back in time at Prague Castle

If you want to feel like a princess/ prince in your own fairytale then this is the place for you. There are many sections and places to see so will likely fill your whole day depending on how quickly you read, and are interested in the history. It’s made up of 5 sections including St Vitus Cathedral, Great south tower, Golden Lane, St George’s Basilica and Old Royal Palace.

Every part is each to their own but holds so many things interesting for all the family. My personal favourite is Golden Lane! It shows the oldest city houses and it is recreated to look just like it would back when it had families living inside. You have different option tickets available. Some that include access to all building and some to only certain parts. Obviously the inclusive one is the best value for money but keeping kids entertained in these environments I know can be a challenge.

Leave your mark on the John Lennon wall

I am absolutely in love with this idea that you are able to showcase your ideas and thoughts in a non judgemental environment. This wall has been around since since the 60's, but got its first piece of Lennon art in the 80's following his death. From this, it marked a revolutionary change and gave everyone a platform for freedom of speech.

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