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Youth Shack Hostel Darwin - Australia

Youth Shack Hostel Darwin - Australia

Since this accommodation had been renovated a couple of years ago, I had read great reviews from people who had visited the Northern Territory, so I wanted to try it for myself. With a fresh and modern feel, you are almost guaranteed a great stay here. Being a ‘youth shack’ it is mostly aimed at 18-35 year olds with daily events in the area for the party lovers. 


Although Darwin isn’t a place that would usually be at the top of Australias tourism list, it certainly doesn’t lack things to do. Two of the most beautiful national parks are within a 4 hour drive, Australias only crocodile diving cage adjacent to the hostel and plenty of bars/clubs.


The hostel host their very own event at the pool called ‘saucy sunday’ which is the place to be at the end of the week- especially in dry season. Even when I visited wet season in March, the nightlife scene was extremely vibrant. Of course, what is a bar without a happy hour? Hostels are great for a lot of things but mainly great value. between 4-6 you can bag $5 drinks and $10 cocktails which is a bargain.  Partnered with the chain there is Discovery and Lost Arc club which regularly host large events where everyone can get involved in by booking online. 

Breakfast is included in every stay to save money on eating out and groceries. It has basic options of bread, spreads, cereal and fruits. The kitchen area is very well organised which enables you to store your personal food to make meals whenever you wish.


There is plenty of social space including a sundeck near the top of the roof, eating areas and sofas. The pool is perfect for the  tropical heat and can be used anytime till 10pm. I was pleasantly surprised how late this stayed open since most places close at sunset, this makes it the perfect place for some good music and drinks before you head out for the night. 


I think hostels are a great opportunity to meet new people when travelling and until you have experienced it properly you really shouldn’t turn your nose to it. It’s not just shared dorms that are offered but options for everyone such as private doubles, twins and some with a private En Suites for people who prefer privacy. They aren’t too much more expensive ether and although basic, when on the road all you really need is a place to rest your head. 

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