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Ocoee River White Water Rafting Tennessee USA

Ocoee River White Water Rafting Tennessee USA

We were staying in the occre camping site already and this is where the whole experience starts. We were given life jackets and the usual sign your life away form- but I understand this is a legal requirement since no one can predict what will happen with the Class III & IV rapids. Obviously there are safety precautions in place and the activity would be cancelled if the weather was too choppy. 


My number one tip for this experience would be to bring pool shoes! Then you’ll avoid having to strap your flip flops to your feet with duct tape as I had to. Once everything is prepared the staff strap the equipment and rafts to the top of a school style bus with everyone inside. As you head down to the river the vibes are immaculate, especially the staff with their high spirits. 


Everyone gets into teams and I would recommend less confident swimmers go at the back of the raft. The people in the front will be leading the raft and the team. If you need anything there will always be one staff member on each raft so don’t worry! 3...2...1... the adrenaline kicks in and there you are flying down one of the most beautiful scenes in the world. 


Prices can completely range depending on which part of the river you chose and personally I think it’s a very reasonable pricing. I paid $50 for an experience that lasted around an hour. So for a family friendly action trip with the older children this is a great option if you are passing Tennessee. 

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