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Wakeup Hostels - Sydney, Au

My friend and I stayed at the Sydney central and Bondi hostel in May (which is out of season) but still did not disappoint. I loved the size and layout of the hostel. With the many layers, it gives you an opportunity to have a good night sleep with little disturbance.




Located just a 2 minute walk from central metro station and Haymarket tram station it is only a short journey from all the main tourist attractions. If you prefer to walk everywhere and save money, you can very easily do so. That’s what we did! 




With an operational nightclub downstairs you do not need to travel far for a drink. This is something you especially want to make sure of in winter. There’s nothing worse than wanting to look suave for the instagram but cold metros and busses decide otherwise. The side bar club is  mainly a uni students vibe so you can be sure to mingle with lots of young people. If that’s not up your street there’s plenty of bars and pubs around within a short walking distance. Bearing in mind it is called ‘central’




With the hostel being linked to the Bondi one, you are able to take part in any activities on either agenda, so there is something to do everyday without costing anything extra. Not only does it keep you busy but it’s a great chance to meet some new friends. My personal favourite was the Coogee to Bondi walk finishing with a refreshing feed. I am not the fittest so I did struggle towards the end however it is great exercise for people who are a sucker for a good old Aussie beach. You can either meet the tour guide at the starting point if staying at Bondi or get the mini buss from Sydney central hostel and back.


Site Amenities 


The Bondi hostel is much smaller than the main Sydney one however it doesn’t make too much difference as the main reason you would go is to chill out. In both there are shared kitchens and bathrooms which are kept very clean. The staff in both were extremely helpful and gave great tips of things to do in the local area. I loved how modern and well looked after this hostel was. Each level is open planned so although it is very high building with many levels, it still feels very airy. In the reception area you have a desk for travel planning/work and another for the check in. As well as this there is a area to charge your computers which is a great place to meet other like minded travellers. Something I’ve noticed about most hostels is that there isn’t usually an oven which is something to have in mind when shopping at the supermarket. Microwaves and stovetops will become your best friend if you are not wanting to eat out. 




In Bondi we stayed in a private double room where as in Sydney Central we had a classic hostel dorm room. So I definitely got to feel the best of both worlds. But which one do I think is better value for money? My friend who I visited with had never stayed in a hostel before so I wanted to ease her into the idea. She absolutely loved the private room. You get the chance to go back to your room after a long day and have that little extra bit of privacy minus the shared bathrooms. The private rooms were a little bit smaller than I was expecting but nevertheless, it gives you more time to enjoy the wanders outside of the building. At the end of the day it’s still way cheaper than getting a normal hotel room. 


This is no exaggeration when I say the mattresses in the central dorm rooms were the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on. It has a memory foam feel to it and I slept amazingly every night I was there. If you’re staying in a dorm room make sure that you bring your own padlock since there are lockers in there to store your belongings. This way you don’t have to worry about leaving any of your valuables when out for the day. Just make sure if you are sleeping on the top bunk that you are able to physically climb up okay. There aren’t any ladders on this bed so be prepared to stretch your legs out- especially after a couple of drinks) 

Which location was my favourite?


This is really hard to answer because it completely depends what you are looking to get out of your trip at wake-up. Bondi would be more of a relaxing surf retreat where as Sydney is more of a city vibe inside the hustle and bustle. Seeing that in a city girl at heart I would have to go for the central location. A Never ending list of things to do and somewhere to put an extrovert like myself in her element. 


Massive thank you to Wakeup hostels for hosting us and we can’t wait to stay again soon. 


Use the code: Chloe15 for 15% off yours stay!

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