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 Tequila Sunrise Hostel  Surfer Paradise - Australia 

 Tequila Sunrise Hostel  Surfer Paradise - Australia 

HEAR ME OUT… I don’t think I’ve ever found an accommodation that is more value for money. At only $17 AUS not only do you get a capsule bed with more privacy than most hostels but you can also get breakfast every day and dinner most days included.


Unfortunately didn’t get chance to try the food but it looks absolutely delicious. One night they were doing a creamy pasta and on the other night it was curry. They do these as part of the social nights to try and get travellers to interact a bit more which I think is an amazing idea! 


The Tequila Sunrise hostel in surfers Paradise had only opened a few months prior to my visit but it still seemed to be packed out in the middle of winter. With 100 beds in the same room you are bound to get some diversity between the travellers is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world, whilst being so central to the city.

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